Disaster strikes: The most Dangerous mission of all time. By Jeffrey Kluger

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The book is told about all the space ship, space ships’ stories  Some of them are make reader sad, some of them make reader happy. 

     The stories pass with the time. Write from 1961 freedom 7, to 2013 International space station. Told our the space engineer ‘s fast grows up.

 And told we the space thing still is a dangerous thing . many people try to do it better so we can know more about the space thing. If don’t have those people work hard said” I go to the space!’ The science of the space will stop there never grow So this book ate told we the space work is important but dangerous.

    I like this book, Because I like space. Is interesting to see a dark dark place. So I choose this book from the library. I just see some Chapter of it but I can feel the Astronauts mood when they are on the space ship.  

I feel they are a little big scary, but more of it is happy. 

    I will be finish the book because I like it , I want to pay attention work on it Because I like to be have be know the history of the space mission, But at now I don’t wandt to go on space 

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