How I feel about the Fortnite Outage ( Black Hole event )

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I honestly thought it sucked! I can only play on the weekends and it was the last day ic ould play (Sunday) and I waited literally 2-3 hours watching youtube livestreams of other people watching the event to see if it was just me but it wasn’t. It lasted 2 days i’m pretty sure. And I couldn’t play for the rest of the week either! But, since Chapter 2 season 1 came out it has been awesome! I have gotten 15 wins this season already. And I beat my kill record which was 10 but now it is 12. Yesterday I tried to beat it, and i probably could’ve, but, I had to get off and I had 11 kills with 30-50 people remaining. Anyway, the outage SUCKED.



  • Your welcome that i gotchu those wins By the way also i hated it too.

  • Good job with all those wins. I don’t really know what that means but good job.

  • i know i hated it too i was like come on really EPIC do you really need to do that
    and it took so long that i was actually wondering if it was really the end of fortnite

  • I agree with you on the new chapter, it looks fun and exciting. You did a good job on your writing.

  • nice writeing

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