a winter dog story

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by : John
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one winter day, a dog was let outside to go to the bathroom, and didn’t come back in, here is his story.

one peaceful winter day I was let outside to go to the bathroom,then I saw a chipmunk, I went to chase it but it was too fast for me.

then I looked around, I was lost. i could not hear anything,and all i could see was snow and trees. I got over my panic and walked a little ways.

I was a little scared at first but i got over it quickly,before i knew it i was having so much fun,i was running and jumping in the snow,

and then what’s that, it was my master calling meĀ  then i knew where i was so i ran to the house and went inside.

my owner was happy when i went to snuggle with him and so was i.

and that was his story.


  • You have to capitalizes the One and after the periods.

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