11 saving the world again

 11 is on at the coolest   character and I like her because she has a super powers she closed the gate in the last season which was pretty awesome and she now is saving the world from the Mind flayer who it’s melted people. and now I just really hate it so excited for season 4 coming out in 2020 you should watch it really cool I just can’t wait but people are saying hopperstad but he’s not dead we all know either the Russians took him or he jumps through the port I could jump through the portal but you never know the Russians might have took to him because the Russians have a demogorgon in their cell. now 11 has no Dad for once but she is  living with Will’s mom and Jonathan so she must be happy but also sad at the same time because the last episode in the last scene 11 was crying because she was reading the speech that Hopper made for 11 Mike supposably Hopper got mad because they were kissing and 11th room and he said three 3 feet open so yeah. now a weapon is killing the Mind play it but the Mind flayer took 11 Powers I guess and now she has no powers for right now hopefully she gets them back but 11 ish. She can fight even without her powers so yeah but the actor is a really good actor because Millie Bobby Brown is strong too and she’s a good actor so like when she does the scenes with eleven like killing the Mind flayer or Billy just really good job a really good job that’s the green screen and the devil Brothers they all make it happen and that’s why they made season 4 coming out watch it it’s really good Paul it’s happening came out it’s coming out in 2020 but watch it one comes out. that’s my post still hashtag 11 Squad 


  • Jesse why is 11 your favorite I can’t have tell none of us so you better tell me and you better text back.

  • I love 11 too!!!!!!

  • you do!!!!!!!!

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