How to be as FIT as moto moto

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by : Madz
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        So look, I understand that the moto moto meme is DEAD! But, just in case you still have pictures of moto moto on your wall, striving to be like him, this is the tutorial for you. Instead of paying $15 for a stupid magazine with photo-shopped people on the cover with titles like “Lose 576195 pounds in 24 hours”, all you had to do was find this page. And before we get started, keep in mind, no matter what you do, you will never be as hot as moto moto. On with the tutorial. 

         Step number 1. Look through you’re fridge and or pantry and find TONS OF FOOD. Check the ingredients on the back and if they have 60 or more grams of sugar in it, CHUG IT! You’ll have life-changing results in less than 12 hours!

        Step number 2. Go to the food store and buy chocolate bars, candy, and soda! Once done drinking all, weigh yourself. You’ll weigh almost as much as moto moto!

        Step number 3. Lastly, get a friend or family member to bring you to a pool or body of water and record you coming out! 

                                Did you feel or look like moto moto? I bet you did. Let me know in the comments what tutorial i should do next!

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  • I did feel like moto moto

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