I was so happy, I was going to see my brother Kenneth again in the Marine. So we went to South Carolina to see him in graduate from Boot Camp. So we made it and we saw groups of marine about ten group with 20 in each group and they were marching and then they stopped and started doing marching drills, then the when in this gym they had there and then they started the graduate ceremony. Then they started talking how they have finish Boot Camp and that they were going to graduate. Then the family members and friend and everyone in there were cheering and clapping, it was so beautiful. So then  they let everyone come and see their family member or their friend. So we started talking to him and we went to a buffet and we ate with him then we went back to the station and we started playing board games with him and we had so much fun. So then he had to go back to his station so we had to leave so we left back to are hotel and stayed for the night, then we went back home in the morning. So then about two month later we were able to see him, so we went to North Carolina to him again. Now he was doing (SOI) School of infantry is the second stage of initial military training for enlisted United States Marine after Recruit training. (SOI) marks a transition in professional training of entry-level students from basic trained Marines to combat-ready-Marines. (SOI) is were Marines go After Boot Camp. So we went there and he had a whole week of but we were going to see him only for 1 day. So we ate with each other and talked and we had a good time but it wasn’t better than when we saw him in Boot Camp. So we left back to are hotel then the next day we left. So now I’m writing this story and its November 4, 2019 so I haven’t seen him for 5 month. So he has to work about 4 years and he only has thirty free days he can use when he wants so he told us he wants to use it for holidays so I plan to see him in Thanks Giving, that’s just in a few more days, I can’t wait.









































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