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by : Ava
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        It was a regular Tuesday afternoon leafs were falling. Lilly was raking the yard. When suddenly she hit something when she was raking leaves. She moved the leafs and a person popped out of the leaves but the person looked just like Lilly. Lilly dropped the rack and ran but then the clone followed her and she was saying ” Come here Lilly I need help!!!!!”

        Lilly stopped and asked the clone “How do you know my name?”

        “Because I am your sister”

        Lilly’s jaw dropped “I do not have a sister.”

        “Our parents dropped me at a orphanage when I was a baby and there was were I became evil and now I want revenge on our parents.”

        “No! I will not let you.”

        “Yes you will because they never told you that you were adopted and so was I.”

        “What?! No I am not you know what come inside and I will ask our or my parents.But first what is your name?”

        “My name is Leah.”

        They walked into the house together and went upstairs to find their parents they were sitting in their bedroom talking. They looked to the side and they stood there in shock. Then Lilly asked them “Mom, Dad is this my……sister and am I adopted?”

        Her Mom said “Lilly we were going to tell you”

        “So she is my sister and I am adopted. Lilly let’s go”

        They stomped out the door together and ran away.

        Then Leah said “so where are we going?”

         Lilly responded “I don’t know but I know wherever we go we will be together.”

                The End

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