How Stars Were Made

Once upon a time, a long long long long time ago there was a planet that the towns people liked to call Seren. They worshipped Seren even though they didn’t live on it. There was also a towns girl who people referred to her as “Stella”. Stella showed up very often and everyone loved her. She was a very beautiful girl with glowing blonde hair and gorgeous green eyes. One day the towns people were in a panic because they saw a meteor heading towards their land. They knew that if it hit there land there would be nothing left. Stella was the only one not panicking and she told everyone to take shelter. Everyone started running frantically to there basements. The last girl to go In heard Stella say “some times you’ve got to make sacrifices to save the ones you love”. The little girl didn’t know what she was talking about and carried on going inside to take shelter. When Stella knew everyone was in shelter she flew up to Seren and steered it straight in front of the meteor. Seren blew up into a million pieces leaving little white specks in the sky’s. The next day when everyone came out of shelter Stella was no where to be found. When they saw the specks in the sky they knew that something had happened to Stella. So in her honor they named the moon “Stella Luna” and named the specks “stars” because Seren meant stars in Latin. Every year those towns people celebrate in honor of Stella’s bravery.


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