Ophelia Rose

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This story starts of with a little girl named Ophelia Pendleton. Ophelia was a bright little girl and was wise beyond her years and she was only 6. One day when Ophelia was playing outside she started to get dizzy and she tried to go inside to sit down but before she could take another step she passed out. When she woke up she was in a hospital bed and she was so confused as to what was happening. She screamed and yelled for her mom but no one answered. She got so tired from screaming that she blacked out. When she awoke again her mom was in a chair next to her Ophelia immediately said “mom what’s happening”. Her mom told her that she was diagnosed with cancer and she’s been in a coma for 3 weeks. When Ophelia heard this she was in disbelief and started crying. She said “Am I going to be okay?”. Her mom told her she would be able to come home tomorrow. The next day Ophelia was so excited to finally be home and see her little dog Zuzu. Ophelia got bored so she decided to take Zuzu on a walk. While she was walking she saw this strange lady approach her. The lady was short and old and her hair was the color of a mushroom. The lady said “ I can help you cure your cancer” Ophelia was confused and asked “How did you know I had cancer”. The lady told her that she just knew but Ophelia was skeptical. Ophelia said “How can you cure my cancer, that’s impossible” the lady said “nothing is impossible”. The lady pulled a little bottle that had glowing pink juice in it and the lady said “ if you want to lift this burden all you have to do is drink this at exactly 9:34 AM and you shall be cured”. Ophelia took the potion out of the lady’s hands and left. Ophelia didn’t know if she should take it or not but she didn’t want to have cancer anymore. So at 9:34 she took the potion she didn’t feel any differently but she had her parents drive her to the hospital to see if she still had cancer. To Ophelia, her mom , and the doctors surprise she didn’t have cancer anymore. Ophelia was so happy and went back home. The next day Ophelia was walking Zuzu again and she saw the little lady. Ophelia asked her how she made that potion and the little lady said “all I used were some pink glowing roses my dear”. To this day the people who find these flowers remember the story of Ophelia and now call the flowers “Ophelia Roses”

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