Problem of ICE

Problem of ICE

This year, The ICE was come to someone’s house and took people, And 150 children miss besides Mississippi river when the second day of school.

      In same day Detroit public school got 150 children from Mississippi river that was a sensuary school.

    Where are those parents? Are they just left their kids and take a trip? No ICE took them from their house and push them back to their old country, And 150 kids lose their parents from ICE, But what Detroit public school got what trouble, They need 5 Translator THey need the place let them live, And they need to make sure the kids think” Papa is on the way”.

    Either, a lot of people still think Illegal immigrants was so bad, that true but why the ICE was left the Illegal immigrants’ Children in America and let the Children’s parents to go back to there country and what about those children? Who takes care of them?

    And the ICE should know, The people who want to come here is because they need money, their family, their life, America has better condition, the government needs to allow them to make the batter condition, so they can stay safe.

     I hope them to allow them to come back to the US, Because there was a lot of people come to America for their job, I know the government was think their land was so great, they don’t want their lands will be missed. Because they have a time that was war.

     But at all we don’t have war in this days so hope the government can allow the peopel coming.