My Chinese Mom

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In my dream I had Chinese parents. My brother was still my brother and my friend was my sister. So my Chinese mom went to go get a turkey from the store (It was Thanksgiving). When she went to the store she fell asleep in the place where the turkeys were stored. She then woke and saw a man with white mask on. He was approaching the store door with an axe. There was a scream and then I woke up. So I assume that my Chinese mom died. I don’t really know how you interpret this type of dream.


  • I think you need to check out ancestry. com you might be part chinese

  • Well, when did you have this dream, because it could mean that something bad is going to happen to your mom or there may be a drastic change in your life. I could go on, but if you want to know more talk to me in real life.

    • whattttttt????

  • Well-this was interesting

  • Have you taken any medications lately with weird side effects?

  • was this a real dream?
    And bethany what the heck that so messed up

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