Starcourt Mall

 stranger things is one of the best things ever and 11 is my favorite character and Maxine and Mike are my favorite Chapter is the part where eleven and Max go shopping and so the shopping is when did you cool stuff and they went to the mall or starcourt Mall. And so they got ice cream they got clothes they got new shoes they got scrunchies and I oops and so then I saw Mike and Lucas and will can you guess what they said they were mad at each other and then 11-sided I dumped you there was a bad word for a but I’m not going to say because I am trying not to get in trouble so well they broke up and then they were 11 spied on them and then they are laughing because Lucas farted and then the next day they found out that that Billy was the Mind flayer and then 11 through Billy  out of a wall and then 11 wine and then she had a bloody nose once again. And then after that she was at her cabin obviously hop ourselves and then well Hopper was not there and Hopper was looking for the Russian stuff because Joyce’s magnets were coming off of her fridge and she tried putting them back on and that guess the magnetism was not working so they found out that the Russians did it and then Dustin Robin and Steve were an Erica sorry wereSo then they got captured by the Russians and then Dustin and Erica found a way out and had and then they found what’s it called Robin and Steve and they were drugged apparently and so they were like drunk so then after they threw up they feel better and then they were normal people and so now 11 killed the demogorgon walk in the cabin they have 11 thoughts a demogorgon and she split it in half and then Hopper guys and that’s so sad because he was the best character besides 11:11 or the best to but and then they say it was 11:00 was crying which that made me cry so #11 Squad. 


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