the baby

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This is humongous city full of clix of the heels and the blaring of talking that you can hear across the world. In the building there are die-ing pips that squeak wen running. The cars are sweating of all the walking it has don. When you hear the school bus buzz with noise you know its more people than people at resses.IN school the rooms next to the windows are the loudest because of all the vroming cars and the heel klattering. for the first time every body sees a person in a jail sute then robs a toy story and he looks about,,, 4 years old and then take a trampoline and jumps up and slams his baby face in  the glass. Its like he cant see the glass like a bird. Every body got distracted by him and the teacher got mad because they got distracted by the 4 year old. After that he ran off and got on the high way and ran in to some cars and then got to the countries and started eating all the corn.After that he chased  after all farm animals then stopped and was never saw him again.  Until one day some man saw a nother man that looked like that baby and the man said

        “Are you that baby from 1313”

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