Murder Mystery

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by : Arya
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New York City , 7:00pm on Friday the 13th. There has been disappearance of kids possibly, murders. WHO WOULD DO SUCH A THING.

        Hi I am Sheriff Booger. Yes my last name is booger. I am one of the best Sheriffs in the country. I have solved 900 murder mystery cases that’s right 900. When I was walking through Time Square all of the sudden I heard a BOOM. People screaming AHHHHHHHHHH. IT WAS A BOMB. Kids were lost. Some found there way home. Most got kidnapped.

Now who would do such a thing to kids. Poor innocent kids. Murderers, Serial Killers, All of those predators in the world. Now I am going to find them. I know this killer. He was just released out of jail a whole week ago.  I bet he is thinking of a new diabolical plan. His name is Luke Napolitan. He was evil. He blew up half of Idaho. Then I snuck into his house then I started asking questions.

         ” Where were you on the night of Friday The 13th?” Luke says I was chilling out in my hideout. I say ” You have another place you hideout?” Luke says” Ya.” Then I say gimme the coordinates of your hideout or else. He said ” Ok ok I will tell you.” ” It is 7890 Hideout street.” I say ” TELL ME THE ADDRESS OR I WILL ARREST YOU AGAIN!” Then he said: It is in the Empire State Building.

        Then I go there and there was no kids in his hideout so he was out of the picture. Then my next suspect. Carter Moran he got out of jail yesterday and I bet he just wanted to hurt people in time square. I knock on the door. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK! He looks through the window and he starts running to his backyard then I jumped his fence and the slammed him on the ground.

        ” WHERE WERE YOU AT THE NIGHT OF THE BOMBING?” He says nowhere I was at home chilaxing. He took a lot of drugs. Then I searched his house. I didn’t see any kids. Then I went to the basement. It was very spooky down there. Then I heard screaming. AHHHHHHHHH.

        I run to the room on the left and it was a creepy doll screaming. I said ” Your house is clear. Then I went to my office. Looked at some criminal records. I didn’t see any cases of kidnapping. Then I went home and I saw police at my door.

        They said we would like to search your house. The neighbors said that they have heard screaming from your house they bust the door down they go in. They found a 25 kids in my basement.

        I said ” I have been framed!” I have security cameras in my house. Then they said show us your cameras.

        I said ” No I have the right to not show anything. The next day I got an email that I had to meet in court. Well apparently they hacked my security system and got the evidence then at the end of court. The judge wanted to look at the evidence. They looked and it turns out it was me. You know how I said that I sold 900 murder mystery cases. I framed those people.

        Carter Moran and Luke Napolitan were innocent I FRAMED THEM!. I am the criminal. I lied to you all. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! I have a 60 year sentence and the jail had mice that went squeak squeak squeak. So whoever is reading this. You are my next victim. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!




  • this is good and funny I like how you put real people in as characters.

  • That is a really well written story I love all the tiny details especially the last sentence.

  • that was a good story there was a lot of onomatopoiea’s it was funny to good job:)

  • if i comment will you know that i was reading it. if you do will i be your next victim?

  • I like how you added two reel people.

  • Ya thanks it was u and luke

  • I really like all the horror put into this story! Great job with the trick at the end where the Sheriff is acually the criminal. #NotFeelingWeller :P

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