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by : Arya
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Hi I am FBI Agent Bonnie Barrel. I have been a FBI agent for 1 year and this is my first Murder Mystery Case. Now as you know that Sheriff Booger has been sent to jail for framing and doing those crimes. His “Suspects” were Carter Moran, And Luke Napolitan. They didn’t do any of those crimes. But that took place in New York. This Murder Mystery takes place in Chicago Illinois. Now what happened was that the Mayor of Chicago had been assassinated by someone. We don’t know who yet. But I have heard Carter Moran has moved to Chicago. Now do you guys think that he might be up to this because Sheriff Booger “Framed” Him? I think so. Not saying it is him. Let go to his house and see.  1 hour later. We can not find his house. We are in his neighborhood and we have went door to door to ask do you know where Carter Moran lives. Then we called his friend Luke Napolitan.

        He says ” I know where he lives. He gives us the address. 9987 MLK Street. We go to his house. We see him through his window and he won’t open the door. Then S.W.A.T police Ella Bish slams the door down. Then we tackled him to the ground and asked ” WHERE WERE YOU ON THE NIGHT OF OCTOBER 29, 2019! That was the day of the shooting. He said I didn’t do anything!


                                                                                Carter Moran’s perspective

                        It is me Carter Moran I bet you know me from the Sheriff Booger incident. Well if you think that I framed him. YOU ARE WRONG! I never did anything. Yes I am friends with Luke Napolitan he still lives in New York.  Now listen up and don’t tell anyone.  I was the active shooter on the night of October 29th. DON’T TELL ANYONE. Now I have this technology that I invented myself that I can change faces of people on security cameras. But remember I didn’t frame Sheriff Booger. I just came up with this tech. So what I will do is change my hack the security cameras and put Ella Bish’s face on it so she will go to prison not me. Isn’t that diabolical? BWHAHAHAHAHAHA. I am trying to get revenge on all of the police departments for Chicago and New York.                                                                                                                                                   ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————

                                                                                                            Police Perspective

                        Can’t we hack the street cameras? says Ella. Great Idea Ella! said the chief. There was also a little code under the camera.  Then they hacked the cameras. Then they find out that Ella Bish did it? They ask Ella would never do such a thing. Then they searched her house. No firearms were bared. Then she went on house arrest.        To be continued 


  • I really like this series that you’re doing!!! I really like how you put real people in these stories!!! #EllaIsNotGuilty!!! 😎

  • well I am publishing part 2 today or tomorrow

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