The Day I Got Abducted By Aliens

Today started off strange. I woke up in the middle of the night to a blinding light coming through my window. I went up to the window and all of a sudden I started floating. It was the strangest thing but I tried to fight it and I was to weak. It carried me up but I couldn’t see where cause I was blinded. Out of nowhere I blacked out. When I awoke I thought I was dreaming cause I saw aliens. I didn’t freak out cause I knew it would be over soon since I was just dreaming. The aliens said i could stay with them for a little while. I just nodded and said “sure”. The food they served looked nasty but I knew if I didn’t eat then they might think im weird. To be honest it wasn’t that bad it was actually really good. They told me I should take a shower and go back to bed. I got up from the dinner table and headed to the shower. The shower also looked really strange but it was easy to use and better than my shower. They gave me some clothes and they were so soft and comfy that I ran to the bed and that mattress I had was so soft. When I woke up I was still with the aliens. I thought it was strange so I asked them if they could take me home. They said that we will be at my house in 3 minutes. When we arrived at my house they gave me some souvenirs. They gave me an alien plushy and some cool clothes. I waved goodbye to them and they went away. I was sorta sad to see them leave but at least now I can say ive seen aliens.

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Post Privacy Published on November 21 | Open-Ended
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