How Butterflies Get Their Names

Ever heard the story of where Butterflies got there name from. No? Okay then ill tell you. This story takes place in a place no one knows about. A place I like to call “Destiny Cove”. The first butterfly ever born was wondering what to do. There was no one else like her and she was lost. She tried to fly but the wind was so strong it blew her straight toward a man named “Tyler Huddson”. He was a mean old man who hated bugs. When the wind blew the butterfly it blew her into his house. She had no idea what she was so she started to look around. She heard a noise so she jumped onto something behind a cereal box. When Tyler went away she tried to go through the window but was stuck. When she looked down she saw she was stuck in a stick of butter. Tyler came back into the kitchen and said “Eww is that a fly”. She thought she was a fly for a while but then Tyler said ” wait a minute i think ill call you a butterfly” She loved the name and now Tyler loves bugs because he has made friends with tons of animals. He now actually studies bugs and helps them when hurt. I hope you liked this fictional story. BYEE

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Post Privacy Published on November 21 | Open-Ended
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