What I Did For Thanksgiving

Today I’m going to tell you what I did for Thanksgiving. So my dad he started fixing the house by painting the walls, changing the rug into wooden floors, and me, Nomar, Justen, and my Mom started cleaning the house. So my dad invited Nomar’s family and Ricky’s family to come to are house for Thanksgiving, so they came to are house to spend Thanksgiving with us. So my dad cooked a lot of food, he cooked turkey, and Dominican rice called Moro, and Ricardo’s mom brought sweets, vegetarian meat, Tortilla, and other things, and Nomar’s mom brought salad. So we fixed the food and got ready to eat, so we prayed. Then we started eating and all of us except the adults and Norellie went into Justen’s room and started watching a movie together. We played with each other and had so much fun even at a point we got hurt, Nomar got hit on his neck and I bust my lip but we were still happy. So then we prayed before they left. I love Thanksgiving not only because of the food, because I get to spend time with family and friends. The End.

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