My Life In A Video Game: Bullet Proof

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by : Liam
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Chapter 1: The Sleepover ” Hi,” I said to Eli and Aaron. They were coming to my house for a sleepover. 

“ What up Liam,” Eli said. 

“ Well, what should we play?” Aaron asked. 

“ I guess we should play Fortnite,” I said. 

“ Well ok, but why not Jailbreak?” Eli asked. 

“ Remember last time? We got sucked into the game!” Aaron said.

“ Oh, yeah. OK,” Eli said. So we run onto the couch and I log on. 

10 minutes later…

“ Do you guys have your Nintendo Switches?” I asked. 

“ Yes!” Aaron and Eli said. So they log on and then…  FLASH! 

 Chapter 2: The Battle Bus ” What happened?” Eli asked.

“ Noooooo! It happened again! WE ARE IN A VIDEO GAME!” I screamed. I was right, we were in a video game. And not in just any video game, we were in FORTNITE! If you ever have played Fortnite, then you would know that the point is to kill people. 

“ Well, in the sidebar it says New game mode! People get sucked into the game! But the game is dangerous, you can die in there, so stay alive!

“ Noooooooooooooo!” Aaron said. 

 *the game speaking* THE BATTLE BUS LEAVES IN 10 SECONDS!!!

“ What is the battle bus?” some noob asked. 

“ It is the bus that we take to get to the big island,” I said. 

“ It flies and when it is flying you have to jump out and fall to where you want to land,” Aaron said. Then, we all teleport onto the battle bus. It started out all quiet, then some music got LOUD! Then all the people started to jump out. 

“ LAND AT EYE ISLAND!” I shouted. 

“ WHAT,” Eli and Aaron said.  

“ JUST FOLLOW ME!” I shouted. We get overhead of the island and then jumped. 

  Chapter 3: Falling and Flailing “ What is happening!” Aaron shouted. We all fell and fell until we almost hit the ground. 

“ AHHHHHHHHH” Eli, Aaron and I all screamed.

“ WE ARE GOING TO DIE!” Aaron screamed. 

“ NO, WE WON’T” I screamed, but I did not know that I might be right, I might not. Then while we were all screaming and shouting, these gliders popped out! POP! POP! POP!  

“ What?…” Eli said. 

“ We…We… WE ARE ALIVE!” Aaron shouted. We were all happy, but we had to get to work. 

“ Follow me,” I said. 

“ OK!” Aaron and Eli said. So we start out on our adventure. 

 Chapter 4: The First Battle  We got to the house then I built a staircase up to the roof of a big house. 

“ Wow, how did you do that?!” Aaron said. 

“ The game,” I said. So after that, we got in and then I opened a chest. In the chest, there was a small thing of shields, an uncommon tactical shotgun, and a medkit. 

“ Wow!” Eli said. Then we heard shots. 

“ What was that!?” Eli asked. Then, a person that looked like a blue slime person came in. I got out my tac and shot him. 26. He shot me with a common burst assault rifle. 33. Then I shot him in the head. 73. Then he got 2 headshots off of Eli. 82. Then I shot him once more than eliminated him.

“ That was, AWESOME!” Aaron said. 

“ Thanks. Oh! Here, Eli take the medkit it will heal you” I said. 

“ Th…th…thanks,” Eli said.

“ You’re welcome,” I said. Eli used it and immediately felt better. 

“ Each of you guys gets a shield potion,” I said. 

“ Thanks!” Eli and Aaron said.

“ Well it will help a little bit,” I said. then I saw a boat. 

“Let’s go!” I said.       

Chapter 5: The Boat Affair   We hop on and ride, but we see a second boat! BOOM! They shot a rocket at us. He got 57 off Aaron, 72 off me, and 22 off Eli. We kept going. I gave Aaron my tac, and Eli a pistol. Bam! Pew! Pew! Bam! Pew!  We won the battle, but we were badly hurt with 0 heals. I was at 36, Eli was at 47, and Aaron was at 16. We were all low on health 

“ Where should we go?” Aaron asked.

 “Ummmm, Crackshot’s Cabin,” I said.

“ Oh, there sounds cool,” Eli said.

“ It is, there are 3 chests!” I say. 

“ Cool, so one for all of us,” Eli said. Then we set off to Crackshot’s Cabin.

Chapter 6: Crackshot’s Cabin “ We are here!” I said. 

“ Woah, this place looks very homey,” Eli said.

“ Yep,” Aaron said. We enter and find the 3 glowing chests. First I got a rare burst assault rifle, a big pot of sheld, 5 bandages, and 22 pieces of AR ammo. Then Eli got an uncommon pump shotgun, a medkit, 3 small pots of sheld, and 34 pieces of shotgun ammo. Finally, Aaron got an epic scar, a medkit, a big pot of sheld, and 61 AR ammo. 

“… LET’S GOOOOOO!” we all yell. Then we are off to win a match.

Chapter 7: The Final battle  We see Frenzy Farm and head toward it. I know that it is a very busy place, but there are good places to hide, so we enter the big battlefield. We find the first little house and see 2 hay piles.

“ Eli, Aaron, go hide in those, you will heal in there,” I told them. 

“ OK,” They both said. I stand guard and wait for one of them to be done, then I hear footsteps. Clomp! Clomp! Clomp! I went to hide, but neither of them was done! So I got my AR and prepared for a solo battle. The guy came as a very OP skin: The Red Night. He missed most of his shots but 1. He got me for 33. Down to 3. Then Aaron and Eli came and killed him. WE WON!         






  • I would have liked if I hadn’t had to scroll down the page to read where I was in the story.

  • I like this to is soooo good and it is the 2ed part to part one. my wish will make the chapter name a little bigger because you think it is a part of the sentence, but it is awesome.

  • You were at three hp nice way to win the game great job liam

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