Murder Mystery 3:Different Dimension

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by : Arya
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I am FBI general Ella Bish. If you don’t know me read Murder Mystery 2 part 1 and 2. Also read the first story also so you know what has happened in the past so you can understand. I have seen alien like activity around here. I have seen slimy orange goop that smells weird. It looks like Jello but I know what Jello smells like. I also took a picture of somebody who was doing target practice by shooting a laser beam from their finger. It goes 500 mph.  Let’s go investigate a little more. I found the guy he looks like he is in Walgreens. Then he started a mass shooting. 9 were found dead and 2 were found injured. And poor worker TJ was 1 of the people found dead. I remember when I came through that walgreens door he would greet me and welcome me. I am going to get to the bottom of this. January 1st,2020 News reporter Anderson Cooper said: “There has been a portal that has been spotted in Chicago.

        There has been apparently UFOs coming out of there. Some have been imprisoned By Ella Bish and she has taken them to this place she made called Area 52. You know how people have said that I wonder if aliens are real? Well Now all of your questions have been answered. Everybody be careful because there might be portals popping up in your town. Lets give it to CNN correspondent who has arrived at the scene in Chicago, Alexis.” Alexis said “Thanks Anderson as you can see I have arrived at the scene and if you look in the background Aliens are terrorizing innocent humans. I have Ella Bish here to talk to us about this.” Ella said ” It is ok the FBI is taking care of this and remember if you see any alien type activity call this number 890-Alien-Control.”


                                                                                                        1 Week Later

                                Ella Bish then had met this very intelligent scientist even smarter than Albert Einstein Arya Gupta. Ella said ” Do you know how we can stop this portal?” Arya said No I have no clue right now. I have been working for days. I will get back to you when I find a way to end this alien terrorization.”

                                                                                                        2 weeks later

                                Arya Gupta then called Ella. Ella said ” Did you find a way to stop the portals?” Arya Said ” No I have not.” Then he said “SIKE! I have found a way to not only found a way to stop the portals. I have set up a force field around the magnetic field to make aliens not come to this planet. So if they try coming in they will instantly die.” Then he said ” All you have to do is through these orbs in a portal in Chicago.” Then Ella said why not any other city. Then Arya said “Number one you live in Chicago and Number two the first portal appeared in Chicago.” Then Ella said ” Ok will do. 

                                                                                                                1 hour later

                        Arya had tracked when the next portal was going to appear. Then after he was done tracking he called Ella. He said ” Ella you have to go next to the willis tower that is where it will appear.” Then she said ” When?” Arya said ” In 20 minutes go now.” Then she did. When the portals appeared she threw the orbs in and the portals were gone. In an instant. 

                                                                        1 month later

        Arya and Ella then got nobel peace prizes.

                                                                                                1 year later


                        Ella wanted to run for president so she won the primary and picked Arya as her vice president.

                                        Then they lived happily.

                                                                                        If you guys want another murder mystery story post #Murder Mystery 4 in the comments.



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