I went to Mexico on Halloween. There was so much traffic, we were 2 hours from the hotel in a friends vehicle, and I had to use the bathroom. We reached a police roadblock, and we were stuck. All I could focus on was the fact I might ruin my only clean pants. I frantically looked for a place with a bathroom, and I found a McDonalds. I quickly exited with haste and made my way there with my dad. I new would making it. The smell of disgusting (but delicious) burgers hit me. It was a change from the normal smell of outside. I could almost taste the burgers. I made it to the bathroom, each step feeling as if it were life or death that I hurry. I made it, only to discover everything was covered with garbage bags. I threw one off the urinal, and I made it. Washing with the warm water and soft soap was great. I could hear all the people talking in Spanish as I exited, the car had moved up two spots.