how to wake up and not feel tired

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How to wake up in the morning. Early first when you wake up you might feel tired and cant wake up. well here are some tips to wake up.


Number 1 get an alarm clock.  one thing you can do is buy an alarm clock they will wake you up. But if your too tired you can just turn it off. so number one wont work if your too tired. But Mr G has a solution put the alarm clock in a different room that way you have to get out of bed.


Number 2. Ok number one didn’t work so in that case there is a alarm clock on weel’s. This alarm clock runs away from you. Therefor you have to get up and chase it. There is how to wake up. now let me tell you what to do when you wake up.

  1. What you can do is splash water all over your face. (This method might not work). Then go make a snack for your self. There you have it how to wake up and not be tired. that is all for today.

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  • Wow, that was helpful. To answer your question, I wake up in the morning by either Going to bed at a reasonable time, or just not sleep and stay up all night. Number 2 was the most helpful.

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