The Unremembered (part 2)

Dear Diary

The monkeys were trying to get to us and they seemed hungry. We immediately turned on our space shuttle and took off. Me and my crew thought that it would be cool to name our space ship. We just deiced to name it “Majesty” because it sounded cool. We ended up finding another island and this time it was actually same. We got jars from the back and collected some water and berries. We also found this IPad looking thing and we scanned the berries and water and it told us if they were good to eat and drink. Im glad we found that cause some of the berries we found were very deadly. It also told us what they were and had a map. We were in the Canary Islands, Its off the coast of northwestern Africa. We were on the La Palma island. We didn’t run into any people but we found a lot of great food. Im good with Geography so I get to use the Tracker Pad, thats what we decided to call it. Roxy is good with animals, in fact, she can speak and understand them. Cody is good with mechanical stuff so he flys Majesty, I gather food and locate us, and Roxy talks to animals to get help when we need it. Today I remembered something from my past. I remembered having a sister but i can recall her name. Cody says he remembers having a little brother and Roxy says she remembers having a dog. We are all gaining the same information day by day. We decided that maybe we should go to Pennsylvania for some reason but we dont know why we feel like going there. It would be an 8 day trip but we didnt mind. When we started to head that way we heard a loud bang come from the back room and we all jumped up and went to the door. We decided to look inside and youll never guess what we saw.


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