the time machine

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by : Cara
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¨are you sure sam wants to meet us here in this super shady playground¨ Adam said kicking at the old woodchips ¨yes he said here specifically¨ Ethan says pulling out his phone and scrambling through the text messages. Ethan looks around at the old worn out playground with metal slides and rusty handles also accessorized with old monkey bars with the paint chipped off with edges that could cut your fingers.¨I don´t know about you but I’m going to go sit on the old crusty swi-¨ It was dead silent and even the wind stopped. Ethan turned around to look at the old metal swings. the left one was slowly swinging on its own. Ethan tried to blame it on the wind but there wasn´t any wind blowing. It was also the only swing moving. Adam looks at Ethan and shrugs. Adam sits on the swing and the world starts spinning faster. Adam and Ethan both fall asleep. Ethan wakes up with his head spinning his eyes open to the look of a smoggy sky.

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