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        It stopped, not in the place that gravity would pull it, but above in a pushed motion like someone was holding it. I watched for a long time, just stood there, then a gust of frosty air hit my skin pulling me out of the unconscious stage I had fallen into, I slipped my jacket back over my shoulders and proceed to think nothing of it. Then I noticed that there were other things that had stopped in mid motion, like they had been pushed up just as the swing had. I waited, I wanted to leave but also wanted to find out why these myseriouse things were happening, so I guess just watching will have to hold my fear for now. Then it all dropped, the swing started moving again, the twisting monkey bars were rolling back into place, and many soft noises were being heard as if loud children were playing somewhere in the distance. I couldn’t guess where they could be but i know it was somewhere nearby because I was definitely hearing something. Then in a split second I started to see things, tiny ghost children playing, having fun, running around without a care in the world. Was I going insane? What if this wasn’t real and it’s all a dream? Was Being shone a past memory that this area had kept away? I saw an explosion in the vision. An explosion that happened right here long before when the kids had gathered to play games, or at least that’s what it looked like. Guessing it was planned, the person who would have planted it knew exactly when they would be and where, but it was only a vision of the past, so what was I supposed to do? Then it changed, not an explosion, but a hole, it swallowed up the children, but why not the park? Does that mean there wasn’t a person behind it all? Maybe not human at least. The park was in the same condition as it had been when the kids were here like it had shut others out from seeing it, saddened that they had been taken from it. But why me? Was I supposed to help somehow? Maybe I had to free there lost souls, or travel into the dimension they had warped into and bring them to our era, possibly I could help. Nothing had ever happened in this town for it was run down with nothing exciting. Maybe doing this task will change how the past was and effect the future in a better way. Either way I thought, just maybe I could be the hero this park was looking for.  

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Post Privacy Published on January 09 | Creativity
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