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by : Sean
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so me and my friend were in school and at resess we were talkign about going to the parkafter school hes like ight cool and so schoolgets out its loud crazy everyones running out to there busses but me and my friend called our parents from our phones and ask if me and his can walk to the park so they both say yes and im like ight cool so we start walking there and it feels like it  really cold for some reason so i ask my freinds if he got a very cold chill down the spine he says yea do u know what it could be and i say no never had that before and he says thats wierd and i said i know im not sure i know i hear that if theres a spirite around u u can get a could chill and so remember this is on a summer day it was hot and we almost are at the park and when we get there we were just sliding down the slides there and we played tag and stuff other activities also then theres this swing randomly flayling around and just swinging and i tell my friend hay look at that swing over there look how its swinging hes ahh its just the wind i say uh there is no wind blowing then hes oh then i wounder what it could be then i say look how its swinging hes like yea its like someone is on it we do both believe in ghosts/spirites then we were like yea maybe we jet out of there the end.

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Post Privacy Published on December 09 | Creativity
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