The Best JoJo characters list.

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1.Joseph Joestar – Joseph Joestar is a very beloved character,he’s full of humor and brings many laughs to the viewers of both part 2, 3,and a little bit of 4,Which is why many fans of the series were disappointed in part 5,since he most likely died in part 4,as well as the Voice actor passing away before part 5.

2.Jotaro KuJo – Jotaro KuJo is the 3rd Joestar in the series,while not too creative of a character,and a bit edgy He is very iconic in the series, You most likely have seen his character design. Jotaro KuJo’s stand Star Platinum has the ability to stop time for up to 9 seconds,which is later lowered in part 4.

3.Robert E.O Speedwagon – Speedwagon is a character in part 1,And is a best friend of Jonathan Joestar (the main character in part 1) He is often memed a lot in the community, but because of this,he has risen in popularity quite a lot,His weapon is a hat that he can throw to damage enemies, similar to Cappy in Mario Odyssey

4.Okuyasu Nijimura, Okuyasu is Also A best friend of a JoJo, Part 4’s Josuke Higashikata to be specific,His Stand Ability is “The Hand” which allows the user to erase anything from existence by wiping it with the Stand,but because Okuyasu is a bit stupid. He isn’t too good at using it,His brother also died which allows for a lot of character development,overall Okuyasu is a great character.

5.Bruno Bucciarati, Bruno is a Italian Gangster,who is part of the mafia. He is Featured in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 5:Golden Wind (or Vento Aureo if your reading the manga)

6.DIO Brando,DIO is the Main villain of both part 1 and 3,He is also featured briefly in part 6, He is a great villain character,and can teach you how to make a villain like character for if you are making some piece of media,DIO was born into a poor family and his father hated him and treated him badly,his father was also a alcoholic, so When the Joestars offered to raise DIO (the Joestars were rich) DIO made it his lifetime goal to take over,and become full of great wealth

7.Johnny Joestar, Keep in mind I haven’t seen much of part 7 as I have with the other parts,But this isn’t only my opinion.this is Everyones Opinion as well. So Johnny Joestar is a Cowboy who is told by Jesus to retrieve some items and stuff.

8. Josuke Higashikata,Josuke is the Main JoJo of part 4,Diamond is Unbreakable,He is a very beloved character and many of the fans were disappointed in part 5 and 6,as Josuke never returned again after part 4

9. Noriaki Kakyoin , Kakyoin is One of the best Jobros,he also likes Jotaro’s mom..which is a bit bizarre since he is a highschool student

10. Ok im done with this list,Go Watch JoJo

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  • Thank you that was an amazing list 10/10!

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