So guys stranger things season 2 is what we’re talking about right now and so right now we are doing The Stranger Things season 2 recap so we’ll obviously still has the  mind flayer Powers and so will she survive he gets to my players like smoke or whatever was inside of will of him who now will is a normal kid but in season 3 which we’ll talk about in our different post we’ll go through some hard stuff there so yeah I’m done at 11 she goes to gate she wants once again I think I’ve already done that there’s juice and I don’t know but I mean Astro yeah I did season one already I think I don’t remember but I’m doing season 2 now yeah 11 she has a power she finds out that she has a sister and her mom so yeah now 11 is a teenager in season 3 so so I’m saying for some children because of course I’m not giving you Any hints for seasona 3 hi guys I hope you guys had a good story ideas for hashtag 11 Squad

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Post Privacy Published on December 11 | General Ideas
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