Jonathan Joestar

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Jonathan Joestar is the first main character in JoJo’s bizarre adventure and truly is pathetic in the first episode but he slowly becomes an amazing memorable and truly wonderful character. He starts as a rich boy that is spoiled but when Dio comes into the mix the tides turn and the attention is off Jonathan which is a big problem to Jonathan until later events which shows how selfless he is and also adding to the fact that Dio is a crazy and obsessed with money and power. After all this Dio steals Jonathan’s love interest’s first Kiss. This truly annoys Jonathan because Erina no longer talks to Jonathan. Dio wants power and finds a way to get it so he uses a mysterious stone mask that somehow gives Dio powers that are beyond anything a normal human could imagine.  Dio is mad and starts on a spree of killing and terrorizing the people of England. JoJo needs to find a way to defeat Dio. And luckily a man named zeppeli teaches him a power that is truly amazing, hamon. this power can be used to defeat Dio. Well I don’t want to spoil everything so go ahead and watch JoJo’s bizarre adventure on Netflix, Hulu and Crunchyroll.

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