JoJo and anime vocabulary

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jo jo vocab

part- Basically a season but with a new main character and setting

JOJO- Each JoJo’s first and last last name feature the letters jo, example: Jonathon Joestar,  Jotaro Kujo. The only exception is Giorno Giovanna wich even then it is pronounced with jo.

Nigerundayo- One of Joseph Joestar’s catchphrases, it means run for your lives and he says this whenever he finds and enemy he can’t face.

yare yare daze- Jotaro’s catchphrase, it translates to give me a break



anime vocab

isekai- Genera of anime where the main character gets transported to another world

Shonen- Anime mainly geared towards males but females can watch it to

Shojo- Anime mainly geared towards females but men can watch it to

loli- Girl who appears to be under the age of 14

shota- boy who appears to be under the age of 14

Onii san- Big sibling

onii- sibling

imouto- Little sister

NEET- Japanese slang for someone who is lame (not lame like disabled but you get my point)

there will be a part two if needed, Watch JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure on Netflix, Hulu, and Crunchyroll

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