Pokemon no. 897: Assasdog; type: triforce-dragon

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the mercenary Pokemon

evolves from Ninjanine

Light pokedex: Long ago, when Pokemon were the only life, Assasdogs were the bounty hunters and guardians. Some say they still are…

Dark Pokedex: every pack of Assasdog has an alpha male/female. their rivalry with Greninja is in their blood and genes.

Eclipse PokeDex: Modern Assasdogs carry a katana and sniper at all times, however; ancient ones carried a katana and a crossbow.

weaknesses: fairy, Ice, Dragon, and Poison+!

possible moves: Hero’s Blade, Shadow Force, Fire Punch, Poison Jab, Venom Strike, Fell Stinger, Snipe Shot, Majora’s Wrath, Spirit Shackle, and, Dragon Pulse.

Evo. chain:


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