Do Stars Cry Seawater

your eyes were of coal

thus mine, of the earth


solemn the tones you were,

of akin to ash and warmth

yet brashly cold against my own


i was of the stars

and you were the sea

the horizon became none,

a barrier of you and me


our hands did none but burn

while our words soft and sweet


run me through your shores

and weep among the sky


for affection may be pure

and actions obsolete.


  • This is a poem many people can relate to, instead of telling a direct story it leaves room for interpretation.

  • This poem is very interesting, I feel like every person who will read this will be left with a different idea of what the poem means to them.

  • This is a good poem . It makes me think of raining on a beach at night.

  • i really like this poem, i feel a lot of people would be able to relate to some of the things you say

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