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The best cookies in existence are most likely chocolate cookies for first because they have that good chocolate melted taste  when you bit them and that softness  of the do and the sometimes crunch the next is sugar cookies. Because when you eat them you get all awake and alive in side from the sugar. Next is the cookie with the pink frosting on it. Those are so good but last like 30 seconds in your mouth if you eat it fast. Last but not least is the white frosting cookies because they have no taste but have taste. Its weird but i thing out of the cookies i said i think the pink frosting cookies are the best.  


  • I like the chocolate ones

  • and the sugar ones.

  • but the pink frosting nah fam. I don’t like frosting

  • You are right the chocolate just melts in your mouth and they are delicious.

  • my favorite part about this writing is were you describe the cookie it makes me hungry for a cookie!

  • My favorite cookies are Oreos and Sugar Cookies with frosting.

  • my favorite cookies are macarons because they are different flavors

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