Technology Mystery: The evil computers

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Hello, my name is William Rudowske, I am president of the Technology Mystery, and Arya Gupta, our vice president, we saw evil computers trying to spread viruses , they had red eyes and shot red laser beams out of there eyes to scan any building to spread viruses to their computer, me and Arya thought of a good idea, we can create a code to shut down the evil computers, we got a code button, then we took it to make it light code.


5 minutes later

We completed our light code, “now it’s time too shut down those evil computers” I said, “it is” Arya said, a lot of evil computers were flying around spreading viruses around the city, the first evil computer came toward us, “Alright, all we need to do is to shut down the evil computer” I said, “okay” Arya said “can I have one”, I remembered I created a red one before the blue one, so I handed the red light code to Arya, I had the blue one, it goes like blue-red or red-blue, we both began too shut the computer down, the cord fell, now what we do with the cord, I pulled it back, “Arya” I said, “what” he said, “I found a way to completely defeat the computer”, “how” he said, “by pulling back the cord” I said, “but there is no way were going completely defeat the computer because the cord is strong” Arya said, “but, when it’s hurt, the cord is weak” I said, “oh, okay” Arya said, we both pulled the cord, until we reach the maximum reach, and we let go of the cord and hit the computer right in the face, it fluttered to the ground like a piece of paper, there was a lot of them left, we shot a computer so many times, pulled the cord and fluttered too the ground, we coded the next one so many times, pulled the cord and fluttered too the ground, the next one, code, pull, code, pull, code, pull, code, pull


30 minutes later

There will still a lot of evil computers, we coded blue-red, and we pulled the cord, and fluttered to the ground, we coded red-blue to the next one, pulled the cord, fluttered to the ground, we kept doing it until all the evil computers were gone, ”we did it” I said ”we defeated all the evil computers”, ”I feel so proud of myself for doing that” Arya said, ”of course you are” I said, but, the ground started to shake, streets were cracking a little bit, and what came up was a giant evil computer! The boss, it is the boss, We tried to code the giant evil computer, my button would not code it immediately, neither Arya’s, but the button pressed after a few seconds, even Arya’s too, we both coded the giant evil computer, the cord came down, it was so long that it almost hit Arya in the head, we both pulled the cord, we let go of it and it hit the giant evil computer in the face, it fluttered to the ground with a big thump, ”we did it” I said ”we defeated the giant evil computer”, ”I feel even more proud of myself now” Arya said, ”of course, you are” I said, the evil computers did not do any damage, but caused problems too their computers, someone showed us the footage of someone making the evil computers, it was that same guy who tried to hack my computer, now we had to find him and send him to jail, we found him and we put handcuffs around, the police were so surprised that we arrested that guy, we fixed all of the computers with our code, surprisingly, it worked.

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