My Ideal Classroom

When I walk into school on a Monday morning in the middle of the school year, I see my locker in the distance and I can imagine what a fuss it’s going to be to put my huge backpack in my half-size locker. My ideal locker would be a full size metal locker so I don’t have anybody under me, as I’m in the top locker. On top of that, I would also want the lockers to be at least 50 cm apart, so you don’t have to put your locker door in the way of the other persons’ locker. As I walk down the hall into my classroom, I would hope to see that there is going to be windows that I can look at to see the beautiful grassy field of the school. In fact, I would prefer lots of big windows that I would be able to see the beautiful view of Abbotsford. Additionally,I would like the windows to be around at least 3/4 of the classroom to allow for lots of sunlight, and fresh air. When I take a seat at my desk waiting for class to start, I would hope that there’s flexible seating, just in case I want to move around but still stay focused on my work. Furthermore, even if I’m fidgety in the middle of a double block of LA, I can still stay focused on my writing. In conclusion, when I’m walking home from school, I’ll think about the practical, and enjoyable, ideal classroom.

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  • I like how you used transition words that suit the paragraph. I also completely agree with what you said about lockers.

  • I really like when you are talking about your locker. And that you say that your backpack cant really fit in your locker. In high school you will have bigger lockers.

  • We need this classroom. I totally agree with the locker thing. They are way to crammed together!

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