Technology Mystery 2: The evil first computer

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Hello, it’s me with Arya again, back with another story of Technology Mystery, some of you know that the first computer was created back in the 1950’s, to see the first computer, I have to build a time machine to go back in time.


5 days later

It took me 5 days to build the time machine, now I had to get Arya with me to go back in time, Arya came, “wow” Arya said “did you create that time machine”, “yes I did” I said, “does it work” Arya asked me, “yes it does” I said, we got in the time machine, I typed in the year 1950, the time machine started to teleport, we arrived in 1950, I saw a building, “why did you go back to 1950” Arya said, ”because I want to see the first computer”, we went inside, everything did not look modern as 70 years later, we went into a room, and there was the first computer, it had no screen, it was just a keyboard, the first computer is now currently 70 years old now, we had our blue and red and code just in case if it comes to life and start to spread viruses, it just sat there, until it moved a little bit, we were still ready, arms popped out, robotic eyes appeared, it started to fly, it started to spread viruses, people were running from the evil first computer, I looked at Arya, and then I looked back, the evil first computer was gone, it must of teleported, “Arya” I said, “what” he said “are you trying too look for the evil first computer, it’s gone”, “it must of teleported” I said, “I think your right” Arya said “it must of teleported”, we went into the time machine, I typed in the year 2020, the time machine started teleport, we arrived in 2020, “plus, how did you build that time machine” Arya asked me, “I found an image of Albert Einstein’s instructions of building a time machine” I said, “did follow it” Arya asked me, “yes, I did” I said, the evil first computer was spreading viruses into every building that had computers in sight, we had our code to code the computer, me and Arya did blue-red, nothing happened, we did red-blue, still, nothing.


20 minutes later

We kept on typing blue-red and red-blue, we found out it was working, we had to do the same pattern, blue-red then red-blue, we kept on typing it until it noticed us, we kept on typing, it was angry as a storm cloud, all of a sudden, something popped out in front of it, and it fell, the cord, we pulled until we hit the maximum reach, we let go of it, it hit it right in the face, it fluttered to the ground, we fixed all the computers that had viruses on them by using our code, we decided to fix all the damage from the first computer had on itself, we worked on fixing it, I knew this would take a long time.


3 days later

We completed fixing the first computer, we time traveled back to 1950 to make sure the first was back, and sure enough, it was, we time traveled back to 2020, I stayed in my house, Arya stayed in my house until night.

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