The fight for control

It is the year 3016. After achieving advanced technology humans used it to destroy nearly all of our natural ecosystems and resources. over 50% of all human life was destroyed. The arctic poles have overheated and melted drowning most animal life in the area. Due to rising sea levels most small islands have disappeared under the waters. Civilizations have collapsed and wars were fought over control and resources. Adults were drafted to the war which led to more destruction and death. Many nations like America, Britain, Russia and China have been competing for control over this dying planet. America’s government has been terminated, like most others. It know consists of tribe like societies. I live in the southern councils. This group consists of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North and south Carolina, and Virginia. Texas is the leader of the Southern councils because of the cattle business. Lucky for me, I live in Texas with my older brother. Having real live meat to eat was a big deal in this society. We own stock in the cattle business and have enough money to keep a stable home. Our mom and dad got drafted to the war. They never came back. Nothing beats the hospitality and friendliness of Texans. We all volunteered to help out the children whose parents died in the war. When America became divided Texas became a powerful leader. We quickly made bonds with the Eastern powers. We now have allies. In this fight for the last drops of this earth’s resources blood, death, and destruction will continue to destroy the very earth we strive to save. But now all we have left to gain is control.