Technology Mystery 3: the evil computers invade Microsoft

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Me and Arya defeated two boss computers, the giant evil computer and the evil first computer, I realized that Kenny Phillion was joining us, I decided to go to one of my favorite company’s headquarters, that is Microsoft, I am not going to use the time machine, maybe I can, “William” Kenny said “did you build that time machine”, “yes, I did” I said, “he told me that a few days ago” Arya said “it was interesting”, “can you time travel to 2008” Kenny asked me, “yes, you can” I said, in 2008, I would only be 1 at that time, we got in the time machine and typed in 2020, Redmond, Washington, the time machine started to teleport, we arrived at Redmond, Washington, there was the Microsoft headquarters, we went in the Microsoft headquarters, I was excited to see Bill Gates, the owner, we went up the elevator and there was a lot of people, one person was old and had gray hair, that must be Bill Gates! Me, Arya, and Kenny gone through a lot of people, until we came to gray haired person, and he is Bill Gates, “hello there Bill Gates” I said, “hello there” he said “if you do not know who I am, I am the owner of Microsoft”, “I know that” I said, “oh, okay” Bill said, but the alarm started to ring, there was something bad going on outside, we checked outside, the evil computers were back, to invade Microsoft this time, Me and Arya had our code, but, wait a second, I have a green code, I handed it to Kenny, now it’s this now, blue-red-green, red-green-blue, and green-blue-red, the first evil computer came toward us, we typed in blue-red-green, it worked, then we typed in red-green-blue for the next one, it worked, the evil computers were spreading viruses, “target found” they said when they found a computer, we typed in green-blue-red, it worked, we had to pull the cord, and it hit it right in the face, there more evil computers, I had one word about them “sry”, I said sry because they are evil.

___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________10 minutes later

We were still coding the evil computers, we coded the last one, now I really wanted, Windows 7 Home Premium, I told Bill Gates that all the evil computers are gone, and we fixed the computers that had viruses, Bill Gates said “I am so proud of you”, and he also said “and as a reward, I give you this”, it was Windows 7 Home Premium, I celebrated when I got it, I time traveled back to Portage, Michigan, I installed Windows 7 Home Premium on my 2009 Dell Computer, it was so good to have Windows 7 Home Premium on a computer again, Arya and Kenny stayed in my house until night approached, I went to bed, I was thinking about another nice day with Windows 7 Home Premium again.

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