Technology Mystery 4: The haunted evil computer

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I was ready for another mission of Technology Mystery, Arya arrived first, then Kenny, and there was three new people, the next one who arrived was Charlie Jilek, then it was Ella Bish, and then Jade Weller, now we had four people who are male, then two people that are female, “hey everyone, how is it going today” I said, “it’s going great” Arya said, “same with Arya” Kenny said, “also same with them” Charlie said, “same” Ella said, “also same” Jade said, “the next mission we have is creepy” I said, we are going to encounter a haunted evil computer”, “are we actually” Jade said, “yes” I said “we are”, “I bet the haunted evil computer is going to be super creepy” Charlie said, “we will find out how creepy it is”, we are supposed to go to a haunted woods, we teleported to a haunted woods, as soon as we got there, this was the only sound we heard in the haunted woods was this: whispers, just whispers, we started to move forward, the whispers did not scare because I am fearless, a lot of trees were chopped down , I statues of goats, cows, and more, but, then we came up to a graveyard, I was expecting for no ghosts to appear, we saw some remains at the graveyard of some humans , this is truly a haunted woods, I did not fear a single sound that we heard, I am a great technology mystery solver, Arya was the second-bravest of all of us, I was the bravest of all of us, I had a yellow, orange, and white code, I saw a green rain drop just drop from a tree, none of us said a single word, we heard a creepy sound, I whispered to Arya “did you hear what I heard”, “yes” he whispered back, we saw a tree got chopped down, but we did not see who was chopping down those trees, I of a sudden, the haunted evil computer came, “hey, what are doing here” it said, “were here to defeat you because are evil” I said, “well, I will make it impossible for you to hide from me” it said, then, it started to chop down every tree in sight, we coded it, it did realize, then he came back and said “I chopped down a lot of trees so can not hide from me”, then it bursted out an evil laugh, we coded it, “ow” it said “what did you do that for”, “too defeat you” I said, “but nobody can defeat me” the computer said”, “I knew it was lying”, we continued coding it, it got super angry at us, it was trying to chop down trees, but we coded it, “stop it” the computer “or else I will…”, we heard adult male singing voices from the back of the computer, when it turned around, it screamed like an evil male scream, on every side, it was the same thing, the haunted evil computer could not escape, and it got crushed, and bursted into pieces, we enjoyed the song from the adult male singing voices, we teleported back to my house, everyone stayed until night, except for me, which I stayed there because it is my house, I went to bed and I was thinking about another day of Technology Mystery.

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  • This is a dope technology mystery

  • #Technology Mystery 5 😀😀😀😈😈

  • This is not a dope series, it’s a good series

    • same thing.

  • If you want to be in my Technology Mystery, send an Email to me to say you want to be in it

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