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One day there was a dog named Fred, Fred was a boxer that could box like the sport.  Then one day there was a girl that came along and went to adopt the boxer named Fred.  After Fred and Maggie the girl got home the house was perfectly a mess and she loved it.  Then when she went to school the next day Fred cleaned and cleaned the house there were pillows, food, shirts, pants, blankets, and rappers of candy all over the floor in her room.  The rest of the house was nice and neat.  After she got home she went to her room and was amazed about how clean it was.  Then the next day she did not go to school to see hew was cleaning the house and she figured it out that Fred was doing it.

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  • I loved the detail you out in this detail. Here is a suggestion maybe you should make like a suPerhero action story like the Avengers BUT WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY BETTER

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