What is GroundHog’s day?

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by : Arya
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Well Groundhog’s day is when the Groundhog comes out of hibernation. It’s really not a national holiday. but it is kinda like a superstitious holiday cause people always say that if you see the shadow there is more winter but if you don’t then spring is right around the corner. But to be honest it depends on where you live because not trying to sound nerdy but it really depends on what position of the groundhog is standing or the position of the sun. I remember a few years ago. In Pennsylvania people said we are gonna have spring because the groundhog is not gonna see his shadow. But they weren’t wrong on the part where the groundhog didn’t see its shadow. But they were wrong on the part where spring was gonna come early. Because right after that day I started looking at the weather all around Pennsylvania. And they had snow,and rain,and a lot of ice,and they had very bad temperature. Like I mean very cold temperature.  Honestly I used to believe in that stuff but now that I have gotten older, everybody just does that just to get their hopes up. So that is why I really don’t believe in groundhog’s day. But I gotta be generally honest with you guys. It really depends on where you live. And even if the groundhog doesn’t see its shadow I 100 percent guarantee you that we will have horrible winter weather. We will have really cold temperatures,and stuff like that.

        I am really not trying to be negative but you just have to face the facts. Sometimes you just need to know this stuff. If this is bringing negativity to you then DON’T READ THIS but to be honest you need to face the facts of reality. I am trying to put facts into your big fat brains. Not trying to be offensive. But having a big fat brain means that you are feeding it good knowledge. So hopefully this gives you knowledge. I mean reality knowledge. Well thanks for reading this but I really had to say this whole thing. 

        P.S Negativity is not my vibe. That is not how I roll.

        Thanks for reading. Have any questions? In the comments put your first and last name and ask the question. When I find time I will research it and I will email you back and tell you what I found.

        Thanks for reading. PEACE OUT

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