I live in a jar my sad story

Hello I am Megan and you see I have a jar over my head, and no its not because it looks funny or I put it on my head as a joke for my friends well if I didn’t have it I would run out of air.Well the only reason that I  wear the jars is  that it  lets me have air i because it was mechanical created to produce air for me and my body.But I have to say the truth, one day I woke up and  I didn’t have the jar on my head and that surprised me very much but the even weirder thing is that I could breath without it so I went down to my kitchen and after getting ready went directly to the doctor.After writing a hour in liney went in sideband  he told me that I was cured of my mysteries disease it might have just been cured from a substance I ate yesterday.Thank goodness I have never been happier.

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Post Privacy Published on February 11 | Open-Ended
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