One time I got so what if about something was when for the first time I made a cake by my self.  It started OK I messed up on how much flour to add I added to much.  Then I started think about that and I messed up a lot more ingredients and measurements because I was thinking about that.  When it got out of the oven it was dry and it tasted not like cake.  Then the next time I made a cake I took my time and I got it right and it felt good to make a cake.  After that I know that if you think about the stuff you did wrong you will make a good cake.  Last is that you feel amazing, so if you think about the what if’s you are going to make a mistake but if you take your time.  You will make a cake or what ever your are doing.  That is why you should not worry about the mistakes you make but the knowledge you get.

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Post Privacy Published on February 11 | General Ideas
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