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I’m going to be talking about how Nola and I are like twins. Nola and I have been friends for a while now, and even in the same class for four years now. The twin thing started in grade five when a awesome EA Mrs. Janz made nicknames for Nola and I they were Nocy and Luna. I think Nola and I are like the same person we do everything together. Sometimes Nola will be talking and I will finish her sentence. Nola and I are always thinking the same thing its pretty cool, and we make similar jokes also we feel the same way about things. So I think its safe to say Nola and I are twins. Nola and I have had so many fun adventures together and they have all been so fun even if they were crazy, sometimes even near death experiences. Nola’s birthday is February 26 make sure to wish her a happy birthday every year.


  • Wow you guys seem really close!

  • Well you guys don’t look like twins at all so your not really twins but nice topic.

    • You guys are like twins.

  • you two are so close I believe it.

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