The Final Seconds (Pt.2)

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I race through defenders to score the game-winning touchdown. Just like when I was a kid. But this time, I’m on the Kansas City Chiefs. After celebrating, I hurry home and greet my family. We have planned a surprise party for Ben, our youngest son. He is at daycare right now, so we take the time to make everything perfect. My wife leaves to pick him up, and right after she leaves we finish. We arrange our presents for him on top of the front table. All of his friends arrive and hide. When he gets home, he opens the door. I expect to see him smiling, but his face is tear-stained. I ask him why he is crying, and he tells us that he forgot that it was his birthday. ”Suprise!” Everyone jumps out from their hiding spots and a big smile appears on his face. We open presents and eat cake. After that, we gather all of the kids in the living room. ”We have been planning this for a long time. We are going to take all of you… to Swing n’ Play!” I say. All the kids cheer. Ben runs outside into our van. We have just enough room for all eight of us. A dad of one of the other kids drive the rest there. Once we arrive, I let them go play. I’m about to come follow when I get a call. ”Hey, we need you right now.” my coach’s brisk voice does not sound happy. ”It’s urgent.” ”Okay, sir. I’m on my way.” I respond. I go tell Ben, but surprisingly, he isn’t too sad. ”Bye Dad,” he says as I walk out the door. When I arrive at Arrowhead Stadium, I see Coach sitting on the bleachers with his head in his hands. ”What is it, coach?” I ask. ”You- you’re suspended.” he sighs. ”What?!” I say. ”Why?” ”Remember that targeting penalty you got earlier?” he asks. ”Yeah…” I respond. ”But that wasn’t me! IT was the Bengals safety. He clearly hit me!” I protest. ”I know,” Coach says. ”I think the refs were biased.” I groan. ”For how long?” ”Eight games.” he whispers. ”Ugh. Well, I’m going to go back to my sons birthday party. See you later.” He waves and I walk back to my van. I arrive back at the birthday party. Then, it hits me like a metal pan to the face: Nine games until the Super Bowl. If we make it there, I will be able to play.

        Eight Games Later

        Hopping out of bed at 4 A.M, I prepare for the big day. We will play the Seahawks in the Super Bowl. I meet up with my team at six in the morning for practice. We practice until eleven, and then rest. When three o’clock rolls around, I’ll be ready. 

        It’s time for kickoff. We are kicking first. I am on the sideline watching the Super Bowl. I can’t believe that I’m here. The Seahawks return the kickoff to our ten yard line. Not a great start for us. They score quick, and I hop onto the field. Foe most of the game, it’s just back and forth scoring. With two minutes left, we are down by fourteen. I run the ball in for a touchdown and prepare for the onside kick. Our kicker kicks it high up in the air so we have time to recover it. I can see the ball flying towards me. I secure it and the crowds cheers. We have a chance. There are now ten seconds left on the clock. What I did as a kid flashes back to me. I take the ball and run it all the way into the end zone for a touchdown. We are still down by one with a chance to win or tie. I voted tie, but Coach kept me out there to go for two. The quarterback hands the ball to me and I run. Right before I get in the end zone, I am hit hard. The ball flies out but I won’t go down. I sprint back and scoop up the ball. Seeing an open spot in front of me, I score. We just won the Super Bowl.

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