In the book Nine, Ten A September Eleven story. Is about September 11 and in the book a boy named Sergio was trusted so much and I learned that you should help someone when they need it or try your best. I learned that you should help people that trust you even if they do not even know you. You should help them because it is the right thing to do. Also because they trusted you enough to give a phone an call nine one one without even knowing you. That is a lot of trust you got from someone you don’t even know. After that reason is that you should help someone that is need of help even if you do not know how to help them try your best even thew you know nothing that you are doing. Something I have to say about this is that Sergio got a lot of trust from a firefighter and you should be so proud that you got to help someone out.  Last is that the firefighter named Gideon had made you happy and he open a door that has never been opened and it made you feel good so you did help Gideon and you did not steel the phone and that was a lot of trust.

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Post Privacy Published on February 27 | General Ideas
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