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In the story¬† 9, 10 a september 11 story by nora raleigh baskin i learned about a character named Will. He is a 10-11 years old. He has black hair and is white skin color. He was a astonishing character in this story because he has had some ups and down all throughout his life. When he was a kid his dad died by a car accident. He always told his kids not to pull over and stop on the side of the road. His dad stopped on the side of the road to help this injured person because his head was on his steering wheel. Then this really bad driver came and crashed into his dad’s car then crashed into the hurt guys car and all 3 people died that day. Later that day 2 police officers came to the moms house and told the family about the accident and then after that day Will never had been the same again. Last i will talk about when he was a lunch with his grade and he has a small grade of 27 students. He was looking at his crush and then she came over and said what because the boys where thinking of going on a bike ride. Then Will invited her to go on it with them and he made a bad mistake. Him and his friends were messing around and she told them to stop 2 times and they did not then she left.

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