If My Brother did my Hair

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If my brother did my hair people would laugh and stare. It wouldn’t be very nice as I would want it to look. He would probably put bows in my hair with lots of hair gel. My hair might not be able to breathe when he’s done with it. My poor hair would stick out from my head and it would be a bad hair day. Maybe not a bad hair day a bad hair life. He would make it look like I got attacked by a cat running from a squirrel who is running from a dog running from his owner. I probably not have a good day that day. I would try to wear my worst clothing with my worst shoes. But then again I don’t want him to feel bad. I would wear my newest and best clothes, shoes, and accessories. I would own my hairstyle that one day just for him. Yes we may fight a lot but we love each other ( even though I was win the arguments and fights ). I would have acorns and leaves in my hair with lots of care. He would try his best but then again maybe not. My brother would not waste his time on my hair any day.


    • Thank you very much kind sir.

  • Good job girl 😃

  • Very good 😃

  • That was so sweet and relatable. 😂❤️

    Great Job!!!!

  • Nice good, Yaniah.☺️

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