Astronomy Night

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Astronomy Night


I’ve always loved space so my mom decided to volunteer to be in charge of astronomy night this year because this will be my last astronomy night.

On Monday we were sorting out some decorations and deciding where some things should go for astronomy night when mom remembered that she hadn’t printed her checklist yet so she told me to go over to her computer, turn it on and select the print button.

“Single or double-sided?” I asked.

“Let’s go with double.”She responded.

“You sure that you are not going to that it is double-sided with only 15 minutes left until astronomy night starts?” I questioned.

She sighed, “No.”.

I know that something is probably going to happen but whatever. I thought “On it!” I replied as I hit the button.


On Wednesday, two days until astronomy night we were stapling papers that said THIS FRIDAY to the signs that said “Astronomy night” and we saw Mr.Smith whose son is in my class while he and mom were talking about astronomy night, I got some signs and the stapler and set up some more signs and as we were walking away, he called out, “Remember if you need any more volunteers I know some people that can help!”.

“I will!” she called back as we walked away.


On astronomy night we were setting up and everything was going smoothly, as we were going over the checklist Mom would say for example, “Are the tables all setup?”.

And I would say “Yes” or “No” and if the tables weren’t set up then I would either go and set them up or if I was doing something at the time I would find someone that is doing nothing and tell them to get that done.

So things were going pretty smoothly, I had just finished setting up one of the stands when I saw the map and it didn’t match up with the room that I was in, half of the things were missing so I ran over to my mom and told her, “That’s impossible” She exclaimed me, “I’ve gone through the list a million times and everything should be finished”.

“Did you forget that the list was double-sided?” I suggested.

“Oh no,” she replied as she looked at the list flipping over one of the pages, “I’m not going to be able to set up everything in time if I don’t get more volunteers”.

“Do you need any help with getting volunteers?” I asked her.

“No, I got everything under control” she replied. but I could see the look on her face that something was wrong. First, I saw her text Mrs.Brown and I knew she was volunteering all the time or she knew someone who could help but she was on vacation so I knew that was not a choice. ten minutes later she told me and my brother, Chase, that we were going over to Mrs. Wilson’s house to see if she knew anyone who could help us set up.

While we were in the car I told her that I can help to get volunteers but she told me, Mrs. Wilson, would know someone who could help so she was good however when we got there she was gone since her daughter was at violin lessons as we were driving back home she asked me, “OK, who was it that you said that could help get us some volunteers?”.

“Oh yeah, about that, I was going to say that on Wednesday, remember the conversation with Mr. Smith?”.

“What about that?”.

“Remember that he said that if we needed any more volunteers just tell him?”

“Yes!” She replied as she pulled in to the parking lot pulling out her cell phone to call Mr.Smith.

About a half hour later at least 15 people came walking in to help.

“You think that we will get done in time,” I ask mom.

“It is going to be tight but I think we might make it.” She tells me.

One of the volunteers that just walked incomes over to us and asks us what needs to be set up.

Mom says, “You should go over there with this list and make sure everything over there gets setup.”.

“Great” he replies. 

After everyone got there job then we all rushed to finish everything, and the last decoration was setup right as the first people started walking in. As the volunteers start to relax Mom and I went outside and watch the stars.

The End.

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  • cool whats your zodiac sign not chinese.

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