One of my¬† best friends is like a sister I always wanted just like my real twin sister. Her name is Ellie and we meat when we were in second grade. After my twin meat her she came over and we became best friends.There are a lot of similarity’s that we have in common like we were on an odyssey of the mind team together and like every food we have tried. Also we like to go out side and do crazy things like once we did the tree pose on a die tree. Another one is that we like to bake and I am great at baking and she is on the line of great. Last is that she likes to travel all over america and so does my family. There are a lot more reasons that make us similar like we both have long dark hair. Another is that there is a twin in her family and there is a twin in my family (me and my sister Rogue). The real last reason that we are best friends and that we are similar is that we like to do the same things like basket ball, dance, building stuff, and just doing random things.

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Post Privacy Published on March 06 | General Ideas
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